Security Advice for Homeowners from Expert Locksmiths

A locksmith is a professional whose main area of expertise is replacing and unlocking different kinds of locks. Naturally, a locksmith is someone who knows a lot about different types of security systems and locks. Many locksmiths don’t only offer lock-related services, but they also provide a full suite of security services, ranging from the installation and maintenance of different kinds of security systems such as CCTV systems or motion sensors. However, many expert locksmiths can also give detailed advice about the things that you need to do to protect your place. Here is some important security advice that every home or business owner should follow.

Change the Locks after a Burglary

Break-ins are a fact of life; according to statistics, a break-in occurs at an average of at every 40 seconds in the UK. A common mistake that many people make after a burglary at their home is that they don’t have their locks replaced. If you have cheap locks on your main gate and windows, it might be time for you to think about a replacement. You can hire professional locksmiths in Fareham to install new locks for you. The locksmiths will show you a variety of different kinds of locks, and depending upon your budget, they will give you advice on which locks are best for you. Obviously, more expensive locks are also more secure, so you have to choose carefully. The locksmith will inform you about which model is the best. These professionals are home security experts and know what your place requires. You can also hire them for a thorough risk assessment of your place to get a better idea about the ways in which your security may be lacking.

Install CCTV Cameras in Your House

Many locksmiths will tell you that installing CCTV cameras in your house is a very effective burglary deterrent. Burglars and thieves generally avoid targeting properties that are protected by CCTV security systems. That is because they don’t want their faces to be caught on camera. You can hire home security experts to assist you with the installation of a CCTV system. They will show you a variety of different systems and give you tips on which one is the best for your requirements. Some CCTV cameras are wired, while other systems are wireless and stream video over a wireless network. You can view the video through an application on your mobile phone wherever you are, thus giving you peace of mind that your house is protected at all times. Installing CCTV cameras in your house is a very strong burglary deterrent, and you should definitely consider installing such a system.

Buy British Standard Locks

Many people make the mistake of buying cheap locks that don’t meet high security standards. When buying new locks, always make sure that you buy British Standard locks. This will give you the guarantee that the locks have undergone extensive testing for their strength and durability. You should talk to your local locksmith about guidance on which locks are the best for your place.