Block Paved Driveways – Why They’re Still a Great Choice

There are now so many driveway materials that homeowners can choose from, including concrete, tarmac, bonded resin and block pavers, to name just a few of the most popular materials available. While there are pros and cons to all driveway materials, depending on a variety of factors, some have proven to be a consistently popular choice because of the benefits they offer. In this article, we look at block paved driveways and why they’re still a great choice for all homeowners.

Adds Value to Properties

As they’re attractive, long-lasting and offer a great range of benefits, block paving services in Bishops Stortford for driveways, patios and garden paths are in constant demand by home and business owners alike. That’s an important consideration for all homeowners, as any investment of this nature must increase the overall value of their properties if they’re to represent a savvy investment on the part of the homeowner.

Curb Appeal

If you’re looking for a driveway surface that delivers excellent curb appeal, then you’re sure to find that block paved driveways are the right choice for you. Not only do these popular driveways perfectly match older, traditional style properties, but as they’re available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, they’re also the perfect choice for modern and contemporary properties. That means you’re sure to find the perfect pavers to suit the design and aesthetic elements of your home.

Great Guarantees

Most service providers deliver excellent guarantees on the structural integrity of their paving blocks and installations that provide homeowners with peace of mind in the quality of their new driveway. This is also very important, as a new driveway represents a significant financial outlay in some cases (the longer the driveway, the more pavers and installation work required), so if you’d like to enjoy great peace of mind with your new driveway, block pavers are an excellent choice.

When comparing the guarantees local paving companies can offer you, you’ll find that many provide guarantees of at least twenty years, though always shop around to compare the guarantees on offer.

No Costly Repairs

All driveways will require some ongoing maintenance, though block pavers are well-known for requiring much less ongoing maintenance than concrete, gravel and other materials. This is because paving bricks are long-lasting and extremely durable, so they require little maintenance or repairs to keep them looking their best.

What’s more, interlocking paving blocks allow flexibility, which removes the likelihood of joints cracking and if a paver was damaged, it would be very easy to remove it and replace it. That means they’re quite unlike concrete driveways which would require the repair of the entire section if it was to sustain damage.

Additionally, block paver driveways are very easy and quick to install so you needn’t worry about your home being a worksite for any longer than is necessary, which also has the effect of making the project even more cost-effective! If you’d like to enjoy great benefits like these, a block paved driveway is for you!