Beat the heat with these best in class Air Coolers

With summer fast approaching, it is time to start looking for the cooling devices to keep your living space cool even in the scorching sun. People are now in search of air coolers that come in affordable price range and also those which are efficient enough to provide the best cooling effect for their price. Needless to say, this summer season, you can find several new air cooler models making their entry in 2017.

  1. Symphony Diet

Perfect for the small rooms, the Symphony Diet is able to offer the required level of powerful air flow from the device. Having the honey-comb patterned pads, the air cooler is able to provide high-efficiency performance to the users. The multi-directional wheels in the bottom of the device allow you to move the device from one place to another with ease. Equipped with a capacity of 12 liters, the device is able to instantly provide the cooling effect by reducing the room temperature.

  1. Bajaj Torque

The Bajaj Torque is considered to be an all season air cooler that comes along with a fan. The device is able to give a powerful throw of air to about 30 feet. The air cooler is compatible with the inverter and makes use of the four-way air deflection system. The Chill Trap technology does not allow the cool air to escape from the room and thereby helps to keep the room cool every time you use the air cooler.

  1. Crompton Marvel

The Crompton Marvel does not require you to fill the water now and then when the device is in action. The device is able to fit properly into any part of the room. This air cooler is mostly used by the people who wish to have their personal cooling system in their room. Having a capacity of 20 liters, this air cooler is able to function with a power of 130 watts.

  1. Kenstar Wonder

The Kenstar Wonder comes with 4 different air deflection patterns and 3 different speeds. The wool evaporative pads are able to provide the required level of cooling in a short time. Coming under the economical price range, the air cooler consumes less power than the other models and helps in cooling the room faster. The device is able to provide an air-throw up to 35 feet in the room in which it has been installed.

  1. Symphony Ice Cube

The Symphony Ice Cube is a 17-liter air cooler that makes use of the dual pump technology along with three cooling side pads and a fan. This device also has dust and a mosquito filter added to its design. The honeycomb cooling media ensures powerful air throw through the system.

The air coolers that have been mentioned in the list can be availed through online shopping to get your hands on some of the exciting deals and offers when you purchase these devices to beat the heat this summer.