Are You in the Market for a Vinyl Floor?

Today’s vinyl floors are far different than the vinyl floors your grandmother had in her house. Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is a highly popular type of floor as it is also eco-friendly. That is because this type of vinyl can be recycled time and again.

A Carcinogenic-free Floor

In addition, this type of vinyl is not made with any building materials that are considered carcinogenic. Therefore, the floor is free of solvent inks, formaldehyde, PCP, and metal. LVT is also fire-resistant and does not emit toxic gases into the air. Even better, the floor looks good when you add it to a living space.

Why Vinyl Is Preferable

LVT can be used in just about any room in a home. The tiles, which are available in various contemporary designs, replicate such looks as slate, tile, wood, and stone. So, if you have tile in one area of your house and want to maintain a sense of conformity, vinyl is the product to choose.

Prevent the Formation of Mould and Mildew

Because LVT flooring is finished with a coating, it is protected from scratches, scuffs, and stains as well. You only need to use basic maintenance to keep the floor looking good. For example, all you need to do is sweep the floor regularly or mop it down with a recommended cleaner and lukewarm water. In addition, the backing on the floor is waterproof. This means that your floor is also resistant to the mould, mildew, and bacteria that regularly arise from moisture.

Vinyl Flooring Features Characteristics That Are Similar to Carpeting

Whilst many people choose carpet because of its comfort, quietness, and warmth, sophisticated LVT floors provide the same effect. The absorbent and soft backing on vinyl flooring lowers sound and insulates homeowners against the cold. In addition, vinyl flooring is simple to maintain.

An Affordable “Hardwood” Floor

When you choose an LVT floor, you can select styles and patterns that resemble such woods as oak, ash, or pine. You can also choose from concrete or stone looks or choose a floor that resembles travertine tile. So, whether you choose a tile or wood look, you can ensure the safety of your home environment as well as its overall appearance.

Carefully Select the Colour

When you select a vinyl floor product, it is always a good idea to first look at a sample in the lighting of your own home. That way, you can see how the colour will work in that particular space. Natural lighting can also impact the look of a floor throughout the seasons. Therefore, you cannot make your selection simply by reviewing the colours online. Make sure the hues you choose also are what you want when you see them conveyed in your home’s light.

Whilst a darker floor will add a warm and inviting appearance to a larger space, a light-coloured vinyl floor will open up a smaller area. If you want to short-list your choices then, choose darker colours for larger areas of your home and opt for lighter shades in the smaller spots of your house.